Bebecook Salt Set

Bebecook Salt Set

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  • Add salt to your child's cooking to add flavour and promote appetite. Not to worry, Bebefood Very First Salt Set is special in its low sodium content.


  • 100% Korean natural dried sea salt, without any impurities.


  • Process with traditional ceramics baked way, good taste and rich in minerals.


  • Special low sodium content salt.


  • Capacity 2 cans (flavored seasoning salt + cooking seasoning salt) / box (80g)


  • Suitable Age: 12 months 


  • Pure Salt: 100% Sea Salt

  • Cooking Salt: 80% Sea salt, 12% kelp powder, 5% dried shiitake powder, 2% onion powder, 0.5% dried garlic powder, 0.5% black pepper